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The appearance of security and tourist perceptions

Ever since 2004, I have had the privilege of working with one of Canada’s top boutique market research firms, Insignia, on a wide variety of different projects, many of which have looked at tourism.   I’ve learned a LOT about how the tourism market operates globally – what drives people to travel to specific destinations, Continue Reading →

Episode Three: Fear and (In)Security Theatre

In this podcast, Marc and Tom take a hard look at the concept, and reality, of ‘terrorism’. We start with a look at when terrorism as a tactic, makes strategic sense in historical and techno-social contexts. Moving into the operational level, we then look at how terrorist acts and narratives are woven together both by Continue Reading →

Security Theatre and the problem of management ignorance

This morning started with two complimentary pieces.  The first was an article in The Star entitled Ottawa Pushing ISP Code of Conduct (hat tip to Robert Beggs).  The second piece was a podcast by NPRs Planet Money on just why it takes so long, and can cost so much, to electronically transfer money (hat tip to Continue Reading →