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Midst Toil and Tribulation…

Amidst all of the sound and fury surrounding the Snowden leaks and general discussions of electronic monitoring conducted by the NSA, several things seem to have been forgotten.  I am speaking, in particular, about the minor little facts that each and every intelligence agency, at least in the Five Eyes, has reciprocal relationships with the Continue Reading →

Canadians will be Shocked by the Snowden Allegations about NSA and CSEC Spying (but not really…)

With apologies to Captain Renault of Casablanca fame, Canadians will be shocked, (shocked!) to find out that spying is going on in here!  Most of the statements that will soon emerge from pundits, the government and the media will offer  fake surprise and outrage.  But most of the statements will be simply hollow cries for Continue Reading →

Episode One: My Brother’s Keeper?

In this inaugural episode of Broken Mirrors, Marc and Tom talk about where they want to see the series going and the long history of Canada-U.S. relations in intelligence and military matters. In the second segment, they are joined by Ian MacLeod and engage in a freewheeling discussion on changes in journalism, the effects of Continue Reading →