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The Assination of Pope Francis: The Troublesome Priest

Pope Francis is challenging the status quo of powerful entrenched interests.  He leads from the front while rejecting the trappings of hubristic wealth. This challenges other so-called leaders who travel in limousines and hide their activities behind bureaucratic walls, while letting lawyers and Public Relations (PR) machines speak for them.  Direct action and confrontation with Continue Reading →

Social Unrest, Conflict and Recovery in Europe: The Exarchia District of Athens as the New Face of Urban Europe?

When people are in their own community, they can be quite peaceful. But when they are disenfranchised by the central government and placed in the context of their national existence and identify, they can suddenly turn rather violent. There is a lesson in this for all the governments in Europe and perhaps further abroad as well. Continue Reading →

ZIRP and Zombies – The Undead Bankers and Industrialists Walk Among Us

The un-dead bankers walk among us, cloaked by their ZIRPian shields….. National level politicians and Central Bankers are desperate to keep up the appearance of an economic recovery. As a result of these policies, interest rates have been forced to record lows for extended periods of time. This has resulted in ZIRP – zero interest Continue Reading →