The Savers versus the Takers: Potential Social Unrest

Being a saver will be punished by the takers. The Savers: Those with a savings account, a personal retirement fund, a pension fund, equity in their homes or other cash assets. The Takers:  Governments with unreasonably high debt levels, supra-international institutions such as the EU, Central Banks, and financial institutions. Reduced to its most basic, Continue Reading →

Canada Plans for its own Bail Out Scenario – Your Money at the Big Banks is in Potential Peril

Canadian savers may want to pay closer attention to the actions of the Government of Canada. Savers around the world were watching the Cyprus scenario unfold last spring as depositors money was quite suddenly up in the air – and then much of it was gone. Canadian savers may want to know that the government Continue Reading →

Episode One: My Brother’s Keeper?

In this inaugural episode of Broken Mirrors, Marc and Tom talk about where they want to see the series going and the long history of Canada-U.S. relations in intelligence and military matters. In the second segment, they are joined by Ian MacLeod and engage in a freewheeling discussion on changes in journalism, the effects of Continue Reading →