The Hunger Games: Are the Rich Worried They Might Be Eaten?

Eat the Rich! (Political comment attributed to Jean-Jacques Rousseau) The Hunger Games book trilogy and movie series paints a dystopian view of the future as the rich and powerful rule from a fantastically wealthy capital city while the populations suffers deprivation and starvation  while working in serf-like conditions.  Currently,  the books are seen as popular Continue Reading →

The Assination of Pope Francis: The Troublesome Priest

Pope Francis is challenging the status quo of powerful entrenched interests.  He leads from the front while rejecting the trappings of hubristic wealth. This challenges other so-called leaders who travel in limousines and hide their activities behind bureaucratic walls, while letting lawyers and Public Relations (PR) machines speak for them.  Direct action and confrontation with Continue Reading →

Episode Four Delayed

Folks, it looks like we will not be releasing Broken Mirrors Episode Four until the week of 9th December. Burst pipes, illnesses, and other events have conspired to make the first part of our episodes on strategic intelligence a bit more difficult to get out to you. But be of good cheer, Marc and Tom Continue Reading →

Don’t Like Mayor Ford? It is all the fault of former Mayor David Miller

Much of Toronto’s urban core is professing shock and horror at the antics of their current mayor.  They may wish to remember that it was Toronto’s former mayor David Miller who is responsible for the creation of Rob Ford.  The Harvard educated David Miller isolated most voters through his autocratic ambitions, overspending, cold shouldering of Continue Reading →

Mayor Ford Has “The Goods” on Someone

The mayor of Toronto has displayed inexplicable behavior, or has he?  While his antics  have been attributed to drugs and/or alcohol, this does not explain his aggressive posture  in the face of what appears to be overwhelming odds.   Furthermore, there is the question of why he has not been arrested. On the surface, enough Continue Reading →

Canadians will be Shocked by the Snowden Allegations about NSA and CSEC Spying (but not really…)

With apologies to Captain Renault of Casablanca fame, Canadians will be shocked, (shocked!) to find out that spying is going on in here!  Most of the statements that will soon emerge from pundits, the government and the media will offer  fake surprise and outrage.  But most of the statements will be simply hollow cries for Continue Reading →