Midst Toil and Tribulation…

Amidst all of the sound and fury surrounding the Snowden leaks and general discussions of electronic monitoring conducted by the NSA, several things seem to have been forgotten.  I am speaking, in particular, about the minor little facts that each and every intelligence agency, at least in the Five Eyes, has reciprocal relationships with the Continue Reading →

Critical Thinking and Strategic Intelligence: what Oracles really do

In our last podcast, Tom and I used a lot of analogic references between the social functioning of strategic intelligence agencies and various divination systems, exemplified by the Oracle of Delphi.  Some people may be inclined to dismiss the analogic reasoning behind those references, but that would be a mistake (see, for example, Stanislav Andreski`s Continue Reading →

Episode Four: Strategic Surprise, Intelligence and Terrorism: Developing a Tolerance for Disaster

This is the first of a two-part podcast set on the concept, and uses, of Strategic Intelligence. In this episode, Marc and Tom lay out the actual, social function of Strategic Intelligence and look at its place in the long history of divination. Strategic surprise, or intelligence failures, often are neither: a surprise or a Continue Reading →

The Escalation of the Japan/China Confrontation: A New Strategic Surprise Emerging?

Are we going to have another Pearl Harbour or 911 type strategic surprise in the near future? China and Japan continue to play out a potentially dangerous confrontation in the South China Sea.  Watching from the wings are at least the USA, South Korea, Taiwan and the Philippines.  The introduction of a new Chinese air Continue Reading →

The USA, UK and EU are Planning to take your Savings: A Whiff of Desperation in the Air?

(Originally published on 22 March 2013 at Economics for the Rest of US)  A recent paper by the Bank of England and the American Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)  demonstrates that both governments have a plan to take your savings money in a financial crisis.  Scarily enough, the paper was published in December 2012. As recent Continue Reading →

Are Drone Strikes Even Relevant? – Asking the Right Questions

A recent drone strike in Yemen appears to have killed several members of a wedding party, rather than hitting Al Qaeda militants as intended.  Initial reports from Yemese officials  (often adjusted later) suggest that 14 have been killed and 22 wounded.  This event will spur another round of questions about the legality of drone attacks Continue Reading →