Broken Mirrors

Broken Mirrors by Stephanie BakOur flagship podcast, Broken Mirrors aims to provide a unique set of views in the larger foreign policy, intelligence and security milieu encompassing grand strategic, operational, and current event discussion and commentary. Each episode appears first at War On The Rocks, a platform for analysis, commentary, and debate on foreign policy and national security issues through a realist lens.  The episodes are subsequently published here.

The name ‘Broken Mirrors’ came to Marc and Tom during an in-depth discussion over pints of problems in the intelligence world. They believe that the practice of mirror imaging, one of the most pernicious flaws in the field, requires someone to break those mirrors.

Publication schedule

We publish episodes during the last week of each month.

Season 1

Episode One: My Brothers’ Keeper?, published 26th August 2013

Episode Two: War in Your Wallet, published 30th September 2013

Episode Three: Terrorism As Terrorism, published 28th October 2013

Episode Four: Strategic Surprise, Intelligence and Terrorism, published 18th December 2013