DawnaDawna is an historical and visual researcher of Canadian cultural history. She is also a visual and performance artist. She holds a Masters of Fine Arts from Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and a Masters of Canadian Studies from Carleton University and has completed doctoral studies and an oral examination in Canadian History at the University of Ottawa. Dawna is a former employee of Library and Archives Canada, her research clients include: Formac Publishing, the Office of the Governor General, Scholastic Press, and the Ukrainian Jewish Encounter Project.

Her witty pen and ink illustrations appeared for a decade in the Toronto-based publications The Canadian Forum, This Magazine, and The Women’s Press. She received the Brucebo Canadian-Scandinavian Scholarship for landscape painting and spent a summer painting and bicycling around Sweden’s Gotland Island in the Baltic Sea. Dawna Moore now runs TreeTop Art Studio, which offers workshops and art classes for children and adults in Ottawa, Ontario.

Voice-over narration is a new avocation for her. She knows nothing about military intelligence or security issues but appreciates a good turn of phrase or the lyrical cadence of a well-written sentence.