Tom Quiggin

Tom with Bike

Back in the Cold War, Tom served in the North Atlantic doing Anti-submarine warfare, electronic warfare and search and rescue. Based on interests developed then, Tom got an MA degree in International Relations and came up from the ranks to be an intelligence officer, thereafter serving primarily in the land environment. As an intelligence officer he has deployed to Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia. Secondary duties included onsite arms control inspections in Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Albania. After the military, he filled roles in intelligence support to terrorism and war crimes prosecutions in Canada and the Netherlands. He has been qualified as a court expert on terrorism and on the reliability of intelligence as evidence in court. He has also worked as operational and security risk manager for a Central Bank for a few years – which gave some fascinating insights into the scary world of modern finance and the national security vulnerabilities emerging from an over reliance on complex IT systems.

Has written a book on national security intelligence requirements, as well as book chapters and articles in Canada, the US, UK, Netherlands, Singapore, and Germany. He has held a number of academic positions at Nanyang Tech in Singapore, Carleton University in Ottawa and at the Royal Military College in Canada. He also does peer review of articles for an online terrorism journal.

In his other life he likes to rip down back roads touring on a 1300 CC motorcycle – the end result of a life long interest in power, engines and technical matters.