Episode One: My Brother’s Keeper?

In this inaugural episode of Broken Mirrors, Marc and Tom talk about where they want to see the series going and the long history of Canada-U.S. relations in intelligence and military matters. In the second segment, they are joined by Ian MacLeod and engage in a freewheeling discussion on changes in journalism, the effects of technology and the Snowden Affair. In the third segment, Tom looks at a risk assessment of the Snowden revelations and asks who and what have really been damaged.



Host: Marc Tyrrell,  Co-host: Tom Quiggan,  Guest: Ian MacLeod,  Guest intro: Mark Stout

Music: Kevin MacLeod of Incompetech.com

Producer: Tim Reilly,  Intern Producer: Abby Biruk,  Associate Producer: Stephanie Bak,  Narrator: Dawna Moore

Scene breakdown:

00:00 Guest Intro with Mark Stout of Johns Hopkins University
00:40 Can/US Relationship and some initial housekeeping
10:58 Technology, Intelligence, and the Press
25:42 Tom’s Refelections – Snowden Damage Assessment
34:10 Post Mortem
37:15 Outro

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