Episode Four: Strategic Surprise, Intelligence and Terrorism: Developing a Tolerance for Disaster

This is the first of a two-part podcast set on the concept, and uses, of Strategic Intelligence. In this episode, Marc and Tom lay out the actual, social function of Strategic Intelligence and look at its place in the long history of divination. Strategic surprise, or intelligence failures, often are neither: a surprise or a ‘failure’, at least on the part of Intelligence Agencies. What they often are is a breakdown in communications between the players involved; a breakdown that is often facilitated by a gross misunderstanding of what Strategic Intelligence can and cannot do.

In the second segment, we sit down for a long discussion with Steven Strang, Director of Research and Innovation at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Steven is one of the top people in Canada when it comes to understanding how certain groups, mainly terrorists, communicate to their audiences and how this communication can, and should be interpreted by Intelligence Agencies. Steven has also trained many of the analysts working in the various Canadian agencies, and has presented world-wide.



Host: Marc Tyrrell, Co-host: Tom Quiggin, Guests: Steven Strang and Isabelle Duyvesteyn

Music: Kevin MacLeod of Incompetech.com

Producer: Tim Reilly, Intern Producer: Abby Biruk, Associate Producer: Stephanie Bak, Narrator: Jacquie Benjamin

Scene breakdown:

00:00 Guest Intro – Isabelle Duyvesteyn of Leiden University
00:41 Set To Fail
11:41 Fighting Different Wars
47:05 Tom’s refections – Strategic Surprise
50:06 Post Mortem
52:57 Outro

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