Mayor Ford Has “The Goods” on Someone

The mayor of Toronto has displayed inexplicable behavior, or has he?  While his antics  have been attributed to drugs and/or alcohol, this does not explain his aggressive posture  in the face of what appears to be overwhelming odds.   Furthermore, there is the question of why he has not been arrested. On the surface, enough evidence appears to exist to charge him for a number of offenses.  Even the fact that he is “da mayor” does not explain the lack of enforcement activity.

We, the public, cannot see what is going on behind the curtains, but a few assumptions can be made.

1. Mayor Ford refuses to step down and continues to fight,
2. The Chief of Police continues to investigate, but will not act against the mayor,
3.  Various other “players” are dead, in jail or on the run, but no one is really talking.

There can be only one explanation for all of this.  This story is a lot bigger than  just Mayor Ford and his bad behaviour. People more important than Rob Ford are involved.

“The Mayor” must have the goods on one or more of them.  Nothing else explains his willingness to go on the offensive when a sensible person would look for the exit.

So, Mayor Ford has the goods on someone?  Who could that be that would explain his apparent political invulnerability?

The choices may be:

a. One or more  City of Toronto Councilors,
b. The Chief of Police of the City of Toronto,
c. Someone rather high up in the Federal Conservative Party of Canada,
d. Someone veerrryyy high up in the  provincial Liberal Party of Ontario,
e.  Someone rather well placed in the judicial system (at the judge or ministerial level), or
f.  Some combination of the above.

Rumours indicate that the mayor may have connections to the underworld.  These rumours may or may not be true.  But they do not explain the seemingly impenetrable shield that seems to protect Mayor Ford and his councilor/brother.

Someone high up is holding a shield which protects  the mayor or someone high up is afraid of him.

Time will tell if Mayor Ford is a fool or if he is holding at least one trump card close to his chest.

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