Episode Three: Fear and (In)Security Theatre

In this podcast, Marc and Tom take a hard look at the concept, and reality, of ‘terrorism’. We start with a look at when terrorism as a tactic, makes strategic sense in historical and techno-social contexts. Moving into the operational level, we then look at how terrorist acts and narratives are woven together both by the attackers and by the defenders. This is followed with a wide ranging discussion with Mubin Shaikh, a man who knows from first hand experience how terrorist narratives – the logics that validate the use of terror tactics – operates and how to counter them.



Host: Marc Tyrrell,  Co-host: Tom Quiggin,  Guest: Mubin Shaikh

Music: Kevin MacLeod of Incompetech.com

Producer: Tim Reilly,  Intern Producer: Abby Biruk,  Associate Producer: Stephanie Bak,  Narrator: Dawna Moore

Scene breakdown:

00:00 Intro
00:32 Nothing But Fear
11:25 Thinking is Hard
17:04 Do Not Take Counsel of Your Fears
42:27 Tom’s Reflections – Strategic Ignorance
44:50 Post Mortem
46:46 Outro

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