Episode Two: The War in your Wallet: The Real Invisible Hand

In this podcast, Marc and Tom take a look at  a rarely discussed, structural vulnerability in advanced societies:  the payments and settlements system. We first put this system in the historical context of economic warfare, then look at some potential forms of attacks, followed by a discussion with Michelle Couturier about possible local defensive measures. The podcast is the third part of our series on Sixth Domain warfare.



Host: Marc Tyrrell,  Co-host: Tom Quiggin,  Guest: Michelle Couturier,  Guest intro: George Kenney

Music: Kevin MacLeod of Incompetech.com

Producer: Tim Reilly,  Intern Producer: Abby Biruk,  Associate Producer: Stephanie Bak,  Narrator: Dawna Moore

Scene breakdown:

00:00 Guest Intro with George Kenney of Electric Politics
00:42 Economic Warfare
11:27 Melting Plastic
25:38 Crisis and Resiliency
42:24 Tom’s Reflections – Sleep Tight
43:52 Post Mortem
47:34 Outro

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