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The IMF, EU, USA, UK, Canada, Spain, Cyprus, Poland, Italy and New Zealand are Planning to Take your Savings

The International Monetary Fund is advocating that individual countries seize the money of their private citizens in order to raise new funds. And they advocate doing it quick before the citizenry figure out what is happening. It is not just the IMF. Over the last two years, a number of countries as listed in the Continue Reading →

How Central Bankers and Economists will Cause Political Chaos

Simple is good. Complicated can be fixed. Complexity kills. These are the men who matter more than the politicians: Ben Bernanke of the US Federal Reserve, Mario Draghi of the European Central Bank, and Mark Carney, currently Governor of the Bank of England and formerly the Governor of the Bank of Canada. These central bankers Continue Reading →

‘Don’t Call Us’ Governments, Cyber Security, and Implications for the Financial and Private Sector

Institutions that depend on computer systems must at present assume they have to depend on their own resources for defence against cyber attacks.  As Jason Healey, the former White House Director of Cyber Infrastructure Protection, has admitted, if the United States is engaged in a cyberwar, Americans would be far better served by contacting Microsoft Continue Reading →

ZIRP and Zombies – The Undead Bankers and Industrialists Walk Among Us

The un-dead bankers walk among us, cloaked by their ZIRPian shields….. National level politicians and Central Bankers are desperate to keep up the appearance of an economic recovery. As a result of these policies, interest rates have been forced to record lows for extended periods of time. This has resulted in ZIRP – zero interest Continue Reading →

Derivatives as Weapons of Mass Destruction: An Explanation for non-Economists

Weapons of mass destruction exist in the financial sector. They are called derivatives. Here is a simple explanation. You should care, as they may destroy the financial system as we know it and all of us will be hurt. No one really knows how much damage could be done by an unwinding of the derivatives Continue Reading →

The Savers versus the Takers: Potential Social Unrest

Being a saver will be punished by the takers. The Savers: Those with a savings account, a personal retirement fund, a pension fund, equity in their homes or other cash assets. The Takers:  Governments with unreasonably high debt levels, supra-international institutions such as the EU, Central Banks, and financial institutions. Reduced to its most basic, Continue Reading →