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Limits on Information

One of the things I constantly find in my research on sense-making is the limits, both over and covert, of information sources.  These limits show up in multiple forms, but are often associated with the monopolization of either an arena of discourse (“what everyone knows”) or a protocol of discourse (“how everyone knows / communicates”) Continue Reading →

Midst Toil and Tribulation…

Amidst all of the sound and fury surrounding the Snowden leaks and general discussions of electronic monitoring conducted by the NSA, several things seem to have been forgotten.  I am speaking, in particular, about the minor little facts that each and every intelligence agency, at least in the Five Eyes, has reciprocal relationships with the Continue Reading →

Critical Thinking and Strategic Intelligence: what Oracles really do

In our last podcast, Tom and I used a lot of analogic references between the social functioning of strategic intelligence agencies and various divination systems, exemplified by the Oracle of Delphi.  Some people may be inclined to dismiss the analogic reasoning behind those references, but that would be a mistake (see, for example, Stanislav Andreski`s Continue Reading →