Episode Five: The Operation of Intelligence in a Democracy

This is the second of a two-part podcast set on the concept, and uses, of Strategic Intelligence. In this episode, Marc and Tom discuss how intelligence functions within democratic societies in an effort to look at how a theory of intelligence can emerge. Following up on the first part of the podcast, we look at Continue Reading →

Arian Azarbar Spy Scandal: Connections to Iran

The mysterious Montreal business man at the centre of a Canadian spy scandal claims that he has no connections to Iran.  But the name of his Canadian based company figures prominently in a series of videos promoting an Iran-Venezuela business cooperation project in housing.  The reports concerning a three way love triangle and a Mossad Continue Reading →

A Mossad Assassin in Canada: Revelations or a Distraction Operation?

Recent events in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto suggest that the Iranian government continues to run intelligence operations in Canada, despite having their embassy kicked out of the country in 2012.  A  love triangle involving an alleged Iranian-Canadian “spy”  has all the hallmarks of a bad Hollywood  movie.  The central character in the story may be Continue Reading →

Strategic Studies Institute launches live podcasts

The Strategic Studies Institute has launched a series of live podcasts available at http://www.strategicstudiesinstitute.army.mil/media/AVpage.cfm

The appearance of security and tourist perceptions

Ever since 2004, I have had the privilege of working with one of Canada’s top boutique market research firms, Insignia, on a wide variety of different projects, many of which have looked at tourism.   I’ve learned a LOT about how the tourism market operates globally – what drives people to travel to specific destinations, Continue Reading →

Limits on Information

One of the things I constantly find in my research on sense-making is the limits, both over and covert, of information sources.  These limits show up in multiple forms, but are often associated with the monopolization of either an arena of discourse (“what everyone knows”) or a protocol of discourse (“how everyone knows / communicates”) Continue Reading →